Mom Workshop (Mama on a Mission): M.O.M is a 6 week workshop that focuses on teaching our mothers the skills needed to live a happy and healthy life. Every week will have a theme and begin with a virtual session with guest speakers and activities to carry them through the week. The workshop will end with a small completion ceremony to celebrate the girls and their hard work. The goal is for our mothers to leave feeling rejuvenated, confident and ready for whatever the world throws at them.


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Mama's Night Out

Mama’s Night Out is an initiative of OHM that serves to support mothers as they work to discover themselves outside of motherhood. This fun night out is used to promote self discovery and sisterhood while celebrating the success of our mamas.


Pregnancy Prevention Campaign

One Happy Mama will send a mentor to come speak to your school on the hardships of teen motherhood, abstinence and safe sex. To request a speaker please contact: info@onehappymama.org.