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The Story behind "One Happy Mama"

Hey mamas!!! Let me start off by saying that I am so excited and grateful to have you all here reading about One Happy Mama. I originally came up with the idea of One Happy Mama in 2020, after going through my own journey of self discovery. You see, I found out I was pregnant with my oldest son the day of my college graduation. Like most college graduates, I didn’t get to ease into the real world or figure out who I was as a young adult. I immediately had to jump into mommy mode and I stayed in mommy mode for about 6 years.

It wasn’t until my youngest son made1 that I really started to figure out who I was outside of being a mom. I joined a social club, went out regularly with friends, discovered new hobbies and the list continue. The experience was literally life changing and I feel like every mother should experience something similar. At first I wanted OHM to be a support group for all mothers but it didn't go as planned and the idea fizzed out. However, the idea soon came back to me as a mentoring program.

I wanted to create a community that supports young mothers in the NOLA area fighting poverty, and depression due to lack of education, and resources. As an educator of 8+ years, I have seen the negative impact of stressed, unhappy mothers on our children, and OHM is a direct response to that negative impact. After weeks of research, filling our paperwork and hard work, my baby is finally ready for the world!

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